Friday, March 11, 2016

The Realities of Quilt Life

I am sure that most work-from-home parents can attest t the fact that it is a very unique situation where organization is a necessity, and you have to balance strict schedules with flexibility. In fact, each day is a bit like pulling the level on a slot machine - you don't know what you'll get but you just roll with it and pull the level again because the next pull could be the jackpot!

Last week was quite a kerfuffle. (I love that word!) Prince Charming went to the ER with a gastrointestinal virus ... TWICE!! So two 7+ hour visits to the hospital plus 4 days of a sick hubby left me quite discombobulated and lots of chores and projects got put on hold. 

Laundry was the beast that had to be tamed on Monday .... then there was dishes, general clean up and continuing to sort through old toys and clothing for a slow Spring purge. 

Luckily, I have ways of keeping Lil Monkey busy on days likes this week when I am trying to catch up. It's hard not to just stop and pull up a seat to my sewing table and just forget it all, but sometimes I have to be an adult, as little as I like it. 

My desk is not much cleaner than that Lego table right now, as I have a plethora of projects in various stages of completion ... for the blog, some clients and other activities I have on my plate. Somedays the closer I get to the sewing table, the more crisis the husband or child seem to have, but I just take a deep breathe because I remember the long uninterrupted nights I had when Prince Charming was deployed and remind myself that one day Lil Monkey won't need me so much, or at all. In fact, right now, Lil Monkey is laying next to me watching a movie annd I'm trying not to think that one day that will be uncool. 

Organization is the key to maintaining my sanity and getting things done. Projects, chores, and other things on the to-do list are all juggled and managed, but the reality of working from home may mean that there is a lot of chaos, but it also gives me the freedom to make my own schedule, attend events and volunteer at Lil Monkey's school and affords me the chance to be creative and do what I love.

I partner with various quilters, shop owners and companies through my marketing company, as well as follow and interact with many on social media. I think the thing I love the most is that most of them have children that grew up to embrace creativity as well. Some professionally, some as a hobby, but I love that fact.

While Lil Monkey is still fairly young to be making any life decisions at this point, but I hope he embraces whatever creative avenue he is drawn towards.

Until our next cup of tea ...  

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