Friday, March 4, 2016

The Sample Life!

Winston Churchill once famously said, "If you find a job you love, you'll never work again." While the theory may be true, its not really practical in reality, but as a quilter and crafter, I have found a few options where it might come as close to being true as possible. 

Most of you know that my mom is the owner of Bear Thread Designs, and I've pretty much spent most of my college years helping in a variety of jobs, from packaging material to working on booths at a variety of quilt shows. Early on, one of the jobs was to trace patterns onto fusible web so that projects were ready for demos at various shows or so that my mom could make samples. I always waited for when I would graduate to making the samples, but when I did it was samples made for my mom using fabrics that she had and patterns she needed done. I remember a few years ago, I was working on some samples of Helene Knott Garden Patch Cats and Bloomin' Dog patterns.

While cute patterns, its not something that I'd decorate my house with, so despite making these adorable patterns, I didn't have that excitement of making something that I was making for my own enjoyment. That was maybe 2 years ago or so. At the beginning of this year, my mom asked if I could trace some patterns for her since her schedule was busy and despite now running my own blog and social media marketing company for quilt shops, when she brought me the patterns, I was excited to make then for her and a set for myself as well! (We occasionally make more than one sample of a pattern to show to different sizes or fabrics.)

Four of the patterns in the stack that she brought me are by Ribbon Candy  Quilt Company. First of all, I am ABSOLUTELY in love with Abby's Elephant Party. I mean who doesn't love fluffy elephants!?! I think Fun in the Sun is going to be a hit as we all get ready to build the wintry cold farewell! Lil Monkey is of course, in love with the birthday one and those elves are going to find a nice comfy spot in my house by next Christmas for sure!

Making samples is for sure, one of the most fun jobs you can get. Granted I have had to "earn my stripes" before my mom let me make samples and rightly so, they are integral in her sales. But after years of tracing, I am finally excited to be working on samples for Bear Thread Designs as well as other quilt companies and shops. Visit Teacup Cottage Blog on Instagram to see what is on the cutting table at the cottage or search #TheSampleLifeTTC.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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