Saturday, April 2, 2016

Forgotten Treasures Rediscovered

Moving has been quite the experience. But amid all the service appointments, moving and unpacking, trying to figure out where things are going in the new house and all the other fun things that comes with a move, I have found some really great "treasures".

This vintage typewriter was actually passed down from Prince Charming's family. His grandfather owned a construction company and though it closed long ago when my husband was a very young child, his dad had kept some things from the company, such as his grandfather's old desk, an adding machine and this typewriter. Most of it was sold or given away when Prince Charming's father passed away. But this is what I asked to keep and so we have moved it to 4 different homes, 5 counting this one. I am really excited to display it in our formal sitting room ... once I figure out how to clean it up.

This pink rabbit was made by my great grandmother when I was in early elementary school. He lost an ear when Lil Monkey was about 2 years old. He went through a phase where he wanted to drag it everywhere ... by the ear. I still have his ear, I just need to make time to replace it. Time. I've got lots of that!

This wooden bear was something my mom got when I was about 6 or 7, I think. She found it at a craft fair or festival that we went to. The bear has a dowel on either side of it, with a string attached on each dowel. It has a ring in the middle of the (long) string and you wind it up like a yo-yo and then it "twirls" like an acrobat. Even in my 30s I am still entertained by this thing!

Another favorite find, was some of Lil Monkey's artwork and stuff from the past 3 or 4 years. This 'flower and vase" were for Mother's Day and then the second flower (left) and heart-on-a-stick were made for other class projects. This is definitely going in a fun spot!

Last but not least, one of my favorite finds were these ceramic mugs my mom made for my brother and I in the early 80s. She brought them to me one day after cleaning out her kitchen and storage. I keep forgetting to ask my brother if she brought him any, but at the time she gave them to me, we'd put them on a high shelf with some of the extra mugs that didn't fit on the rack by the coffee pot. Since I am 5-feet in a good pair of heels, I only used them occasionally. This house has a larger area for the coffee pot so are able to put all mugs and travel containers in a cabinet above, so these will definitely get used.

Every move we've made in the military has given me a chance to rediscover forgotten treasures. While unpacking can be overwhelming, especially if you are pregnant (move #3), have a toddler (move #4), or are doing it yourself instead of with movers (move #5), it helps to focus on these fun moments as you settle into your new home. I'll let you know if I find any other treasures!

Until our next cup if tea ...

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