Friday, April 22, 2016

New Cottage Comes to Life

The Teacup Cottage is quite chaotic right now. We'd decided to move ourselves and the purchase of the new house was quite fast - 3 weeks, so we didn't have as much time as we thought to pack. I have literally been packing as fast as they are putting it in vehicles. Luckily, we are already living in the new house and all the furniture has made it's way over here. All we have are those last lingering things ... toys clothes, dishes. I had hoped to be more organized and systematically pack each room, but the closing happened so fast, and both Prince Charming and I work during the week, that it sort of fell apart in the end.

That is not to say that we are not excited about moving. I love the new house, hate "moving". In the past 12 years we have moved 5 times, and every time we had movers pack everything up. The last move took 6 movers 3 days ... that means if I am working at their professional, non-sorting, throw it in a box manner, it would take me 18-days to pack. Assuming that is all I did. 

Now what I am most excited about is seeing my studio and office come together. Since establishing my years of freelance work as a business earlier this year. Unpacking the boxes has made me feel like a kid at Christmas. 

I have been doing some sort of fabric/needle craft since high school, and especially with every military move, I have inevitably gotten tired of unpacking before I got all the craft stuff out, so I am unpacking so much stuff collected and forgotten over the years. 

I am working on getting it organized though. 

The closet in this room is a blessing. All the clear boxes are projects - either partially completed or supplies purchased but not started. The white boxes are supplies, extra fabric that is less than a yard and stuff like that. Wow, it's a lot ... And only 1/3 of the boxes are unpacked!!

Next week I should have some projects to post. If you remember I have some projects that I'm behind on, such as the block of the month. 

Until our next cup of tea,

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