Friday, April 29, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week Returns!

Monday starts Teacher Appreciation Week, one of my favorite weeks when it comes to crafts. I love thinking of creative ways to thank Lil Monkey's teachers for their work throughout the year. He may be a gifted youngster academically, but his energy far exceeds his knowledge and I know that can be overwhelming, especially when he is not the only one.

This is the first year that he has attended this school and they sent home a list of what to send the teacher each day ... like, favorite drink, favorite flower, etc. Well, that's not exciting. So for this upcoming week, I am taking the daily theme and kicking it up creatively. This year some things will simply by thinking outside the box and others will be actual crafts. Here's what's on the agenda ...

Monday we have been instructed to send the teacher their favorite drink. While I know his teacher loves Coke Zero and coffee, instead of bringing her drinks like the other 11 kids, we picked up a cute coffee mug and water bottle in one of her two favorite colors.

Tuesday we are tasked with bringing the teacher their favorite flower, and while we could definitely grab a flower to get her, we are going to make a "pencil garden" instead. I'll post photos of that and the other projects as we get them done (hopefully this weekend).

Wednesday, we are tasked with bringing gifts for all the admin staff and other teachers. Not sure about that, but we will be decorating some candle holders for Lil Monkey's teacher.

Thursday, we were asked to bring our teacher her favorite snack or sweet treat, so we going to make a treat dish. 

Friday we have been instructed to bring them a card or gift and wear their favorite color, so we will we will be decorating a clipboard for Lil Monkey's teacher to help her stay organized.

We are quite excited to try some new projects this year. If you'd like to see what projects we've made in the past, click Teacher Appreciation.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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