Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Little Dopey, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy and more ...

So I will preface this post by saying it is WAY past my bedtime, but this week has been insanely busy. We have Lil Monkey's Spring Concert, Art Show at school and science fair projects due this week. Whew! That's just the school stuff. Aside from work, and still (randomly) unpacking those last few boxes, we got new furniture this week, I spent the day volunteering with Seniors at a community event and ... well, the list goes on.

But I am so EXCITED to share with you this quick and easy, and you'll also see, ADORABLE, costume I made for Lil Monkey for his Spring Concert. They theme was Disney Kids, so his class dressed like one of the 7 Dwarfs. Of course, my silly kiddo picked Dopey right away. 

Some of the parents panicked, but this was one of the easiest costumes to "throw together". Yes, I may have bought supplies earlier in the month, but didn't put it together until the day of the concert. Since Dopey's shirt is so big on him, I got a long sleeve men's green shirt on Amazon and cut a slit from the bottom to just below where Lil Monkey's pants sat on his waist.

I went to JoAnn's for some fabric for a hat and saw these cute wooden buttons for $2.99 and used a 40% off coupon. The front has a white scroll design, but the backside was blank, so I glued 4 on the front of the shirt.

I searched on Pintrest for a bit before seeing a Dwarf hat that I liked, so I free handed the design sort of. I folded the fabric in half to cut two pieces at once. The I used a cup to draw the rounded part at the top, then a ruler to draw the straight part on the sides at the bottom, then connected the two with a diagonal line. Seriously, I have horrible drawing skills.

I sewed the two pieces together right sides together and then folded the bottom to form a cuff on the inside and sewed all around the rim before flipping it right side out. Easy peasy! I made it super big, because I knew my kiddo was going to add this to his play wardrobe for a while.

The belt was easy as well. I cut a square piece of cardboard (because we have tons of that!) and glued yellow felt to it. Once it dried, I cut two ovals the width of a web belt I borrowed from on of my mom's bags (yep, sorry Mom!). I inserted the belt into one opening from back and then went into the other one from the front. Then we just put the belt on over his outfit and latched as usual.

This kiddo was so excited to wear his costume. My mom kept rolling his sleeves, and he kept unrolling them. I don't know who was entertaining who by the time we got to the school. 

All in all, it was a fun night. And I can now mark "make school costume" off the Mom Bucket List, though I'm sure its not the last costume.

Today, we worked on his school science fair project, so I'll post that later this week. You'll be excited to learn Skittles can be scientific ... maybe.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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