Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Brighten Up A Teacher's Day!

This has got to be one of my favorite quick projects ever! It literally took me 3 minutes (once I found the scissors!) 

I thought for Teacher Appreciation tomorrow, it would be fun to decorate some candle holder for Lil Monkey's teacher, and it turned out that I was inspired when I ran to Hobby Lobby as a favor for his teacher who'd run out of scrapbook paper and ribbon for the Mother's Day project the kids are making.

To makes the candle holders I used:
  • A glass container for each of the candle holders (you can use metal or plastic IF you use FLAMELESS candles. Flames will heat up a metal container or melt a plastic one, but battery-operated candles are great if you want to use them.)
  • Lace or ribbon (I actually found a spool of elastic lace, so I grabbed one of those.)
  • Buttons (I picked up a two pack of these beautiful silver looking flowers)
Since I already had the glass containers leftover from a previous craft, the ribbon was on sale and I had a coupon for the buttons, it cost less than $7!!

I pulled out the glass containers and used them as a guide to cut the lace. I cute it about 2-inches longer than the circumference of the jar, then wrapped it around and tied it. Because I used elastic lace, I didn't need to hot glue it.

Then I used the little clips that actually held the buttons on the cardboard to clip each button onto a container. If your buttons don't have the clip, you can hot glue it, just make sure how the weight of a bigger metal button like this may sit. I actually put the pins on the back of the lace and the knot holds then facing forward.

Just like that, I had 2 cute, shabby chic or elegant little candle holders. I am going to look for some more containers and make myself a set for Mother's Day now. I bet the lace will cast a beautiful design on the wall when its lit in a dark room. 

Until our next cup of tea ...

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