Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tumbler Time!! Discovering New Toys!!

MOn Friday my mom came to my office to work because her company is a client of my marketing company. We had been talking about making quilts for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival's Tumbler Block Challenge. Basically they are hosting a challenge where you can make any type of quilt using a tumbler block shape. I can be traditional, artistic, etc, it just have to have the tumbler block shape clearly present. (I'll link to the information at the end of the post.) I was wanting to do something fun and modern and she is already working on a flower quilt. Last week when she came to the office she only had a ruler for a very large block, maybe 12" or so. I called and asked if she had a ruler for a smaller one and she said she'd bring it.

Well, when she showed up at my house yesterday, she had her Go, Baby! fabric cutter by Accuquilt. I was like, "this is going to be interesting." But I went into the studio and cut a few strips of the fabric I had picked up so she could show me how to use it ... OMG! I feel like I have been living in the dark ages! Why I have never borrowed this thing before!?!

It is so simple to use. You cut strips of fabric slightly larger than the shape on the die, so for the tumbler block I cut 4" strips. The you place the fabric over the shape on the die making sure you cover the shape completely. Since I had cut the strips using WOF (width of fabric) I was able to fold it over again and cut four layers at a time, though the Go Baby! will cut up to 6 layers.

Then you cover the die with the white "cover" making sure you don't move the fabric and insert it into the left side of the opened fabric cutter. Once it's locked in you turn the handle and it runs through like an old fashioned printing press or copier. When I pulled the white cover off I knew I was hoked!!

It literally took 10 seconds to cup 12 tumbler blocks!! (If I'd done all 6 layers, I would have cut 18 at a time.) After doing the few strips I'd cut, I wanted to run to the studio and find every scrap piece of fabric that would be big enough and cut all day!! But, alas, I had to do the actual work she had come to the office for, so I'd have to wait until later. (But I did post a photo on Instagram because I was so excited!) After she left, I went up to the studio and spend the next hour cutting tumbler blocks and drawing my design for the quilt!!

This is seriously the best thing ever for me, because standing at the cutting table has become painful for big projects because it aggravates a back injury (shakes fists at teenage who rear-ended me a few years ago.)

I wonder if Accuquilt needs a marketing person, because I could seriously do this and post about it all day!! Oh, well. Talk about #DreamJob!! I could crank them out all day! (Get it! "Crank them out". I'm a dork, I admit it.)

O.k. Well, I want to get back to the sewing table before bed tonight, but seriously, if you have not tried this, you should. (Not a paid endorsement!) Ask a friend, check with fellow quilters. There are various sizes depending on your projects, but you'll be happy your tried it.

In the meantime, information on that Tumbler Block Challenge hosted by the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival can be fund here

Until our next cup of tea ...

*** Note: This is not a paid endorsement or promotion. I'm just a girl who graduated from playing with her mom's shoes to playing with her crafting supplies. 


  1. Hi I just read your post and am so excited to do this. I just ordered the Baby Go Cutter am a senior and new at it. Have OA in hands & Im so happy I can cut now. I thought it was $129. plus $50 dies Free But I never got that minus $50?? I got it and 3 dies any ways. Ty so much for this post. Susan MJ from MN.

    1. Susan, I'm so glad you found it helpful. I have truly had fun playing with it the past few days and have considered holding my little guy in trade for additional dies from my mom. I saw that they had a great promotion going on right now. I'm not sure how the $50 of free dies work, but you can try contacting their Customer Service Department. They have always been very helpful to my mom and friends who have questions. (888) 258-7913 (Toll Free within USA)
      (402) 934-1110 (Outside of the USA)

      Be sure to come back for an update on the quilt as well as more Go Baby! projects, because I'm pretty sure Mom isn't getting this back!