Saturday, June 18, 2016

Father's Day Fun!

Most moms will tell you that they love getting homemade gifts from their kids for Mother's Day, and we can thank teachers of our school-aged children for getting them seated long enough to make them. However, I often wonder if dads feel left out getting, at best a homemade card for Father's Day with a tie or shirt or something else purchased for their special day. That's not to say that there aren't a lot of moms or childcare providers who don't work with the kids to provide the same handmade gifts, but I can imagine it is not nearly the same amount as moms get on their special day. 

Earlier this week while Lil Monkey and two friends (let's call them The Princess and The Professor) we at camp, I asked The Princess and The Professor's mom if she wanted to get the kids together here at The teacup Cottage to make a present for the dads. She was just as excited as I was to find something special for their dad, so yesterday we gather craft supplies and kids to decorate and make pillows for the two dads ... because they really need to relax after all the hard work they do, and let's face it, with these three they also need a soft spot to land when wrestling and playing because sometimes they are just as much a kid as these three 6-year-olds!

It was quite simple, first I cut 19-inch square pieces foe muslin (though white cotton fabric would work just as well), and I lined the edges of the squares with 1-inch  painter's tape because, well, these 3 are great at pushing their boundaries! :) Seriously, I lined it with tape so that when I sew the pillowcases together it wouldn't cover any of their art work.

Then we let them get creative using fabric markers!!

It was quite fun to watch their little minds work, as they thought of what they wanted to share with their dad.  I must confess, it took a lot of self-control for both of us moms to not try to "guide" them to do their project the way we wanted it. I mean what makes the gifts special is that they were made from their little hearts and minds, so we had to swallow a little bit of our OCD knowing this would be "decorating" our homes. I suspect years from now that we will be happy we let those little fingers create the scribbles and creative chaos.

After they were finished, I sealed them buy ironing the squares between 2 Applique Pressing Sheets by Bear Thread Designs. Then I sewed them into pillow covers for 18-inch pillows using this technique with a slight modification. I made the back from 2 pieces of 12x19-inch rectangles. We really wanted a thicker fabric for the back so I used a duck cloth type cotton fabric. I also sewed each seam along the pillow border twice so it'd be more kid-friendly.

This is how our little artists' projects turned out! (** Note: I covered the boys' names with the logo.) I have a feeling we will have more kid-friendly projects this summer. They really had fun and so did the moms.

Well, I'm off to celebrate Father's Day with my two special guys! I hope your celebration is an equally creative one!!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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