Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Material Girl Sampler, BLK 11

The blog has been a little quiet this past week, but I have been working on a big project for my company, LindseyRose Marketing. My company has worked with the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival the past 2 years as a marketing consultant to promote the event. Not only is it a fun project marketing-wise, but it's quilting. How exciting is that!?!

I had scheduled time to do Blocks 11 & 12 of the Layer Cake Sampler by Material Girl Quilts this past week so that i could get it posted tonight. However, there was a hiccup yesterday. When I was working in the sewing studio, Lil Monkey came in to asked for a snack and spilled an completely full can of soda all over my workstation. Nooooo!! I was quickly in tears, which probably scared him more than if I had yelled. So unfortunately, I spent last night cleaning my worktable, carpet, chair and more. I guess the tears were from a day of juggling a variety of projects and I just got overwhelmed. Don't worry, the tears were temporary and Lil Monkey had forgotten about it as quickly as it happened.

I salvaged most projects, only having to figure out what to do with one leftover piece of white fabric. I did have the half-square triangles for these blocs cut and sewn, but didn't get a chance to finish the actual blocks. Today, after working on the program for Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival, I was able to get Block 11 done.

I had originally wanted to do this block in two fabrics versus three, but when I saw these two fabric HSTs together, I knew that I had to do this block with these, I love pink and green together anyway!! I guess, I'll do Block 12 in the 2-fabric set, which is going to be great as well.

Block 11

I picked up this pink fabric, along with a slightly darker pink polka dot fabric, earlier this week. I am really enjoying how this project is coming together, and after the next block is done, I'll be halfway finished with the blocks.

Hopefully, I can get that block posted in the next day or so, but I also have a 4th of July project that I want to complete with Lil Monkey, so watch for that as well.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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