Friday, July 1, 2016

Hands Down, Cutest 4th of July Project!

Yesterday, I started on a the of July table runner for the possible pool party we will have on Monday. Since the fireworks for our community will be shot off from the park 2 blocks behind our new house, we thought a pool party at the same time with The Professor and The Princess at the same time would be a great way to see the fireworks without the 4 adults having to chase 3 first-graders!

Regardless, I thought it'd be fun to have some snacks and such for us. Last time we had a BBQ/pool party, we had an outdoor table with food and drinks, though most of it was kept inside. I had seen these handprint flags and thought they'd make a great tablerunner. (I am also struggling with the idea that by next year, Lil Monkey may be too "big" for all these types of projects.)

I cut a piece of muslin about 18-inches by 58-inches. I taped off 15-inch blocks using painter's tape. Next I had Lil Monkey put 4 handprints at the top left. I let them dry for about an hour before taping off the stripes pattern. 

I dabbed red paint on the stripes and left it to dry on the table overnight. This morning I peeled off the tape, and I must admit, it turned out so cute!

There were a few hiccups, like I forgot to put cardboard under the fabric. I mean, I actually cut it, and forgot to use it. I had to scrub paint off the table, but luckily our kitchen table has been through some rough times and it'll survive a few more after this. I also plan to do some sort of binding on the project, probably after the party, but I just want it to last longer than this year. 

I used paint for fabric, so after drying the suggested 72 hours I should be able to wash it. I imagine, this would be a fun and easy project to do on canvas as well. Maybe I'll do that next time to make it more outdoor friendly.

I'll try to take a photo of it at the party, but if I have Cheetos and brownies, I may not get the kids away from the table.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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