Monday, August 15, 2016

Material Girl Sampler, BLK 12, 13, 14 & 15

Let me tell you a fun little story ... o.k., so its not so funny. The past month has been quite hectic as we prepare for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival later this month. I have been working long days alongside the event owners to get planning, marketing and vendors all scheduled and organized. I'm not complaining, I love it.

During the second week of July, Lil Monkey and I went to Louisiana to visit my family and we stayed with (one of) my younger sister and her family. I had scheduled time to do Blocks 13 & 14 of the Layer Cake Sampler by Material Girl Quilts before leaving and have it ready to post on July 15. I actually had all of the half square triangles ready to be sewn together and decided since it only takes about an hour to do both blocks, that I'd do it when I got home on July 15 and post it before heading to bed.

However, there was a hiccup. The morning on the 15th I was getting ready to leave and my sister and I were going to eat at one of her favorite places which reportedly had Gouda grits, on the way out of town. Unfortunately on the way to breakfast I was rear-ended in a hit and run. Both boys (mine and my nephew) were with me and were fine, but when the guy tried to leave he reversed and then hit me again while trying to go around me. After leaving, another car followed and got his licence plate number before coming back to find me.

When the police took our statements and ran the plates they discovered that it was expired (3 years) dealer plates. basically, it was temporary tags that a car dealer uses when selling cars. The officer explained that sometimes these fly-by-night used car dealerships will sell tags when they go out of business or expire to get a little money under the table. So basically, in more than 20 years of driving, both of the accidents I have been in as a driver were both uninsured drivers. Fun.

Well, I ended up leaving Louisiana 3 hours later than I wanted and the massive storm I was hoping to avoid was in full force. basically it extended my drive by 2 hours, so we didn't make it back to Texas until after 7:30 p.m. and sadly I was in no mood to make quilt blocks and the next day was full of unpacking and before I knew it I was looking at my calendar and realized that it was nearly time to do blocks 15 & 16.  

So if you remember, last time I posted the image of Block 11, but not Block 12. I finished it, but didn't get it posted. So here is that one ...

Block 12

I've been working on some projects fr samples and spending the last few late evenings I have before school starts to get these done while Lil Monkey watched TV or read before bed. So I just knocked them out one night at a time. 

Block 13

Block 14

Block 15

I'll get block 16 finished and post soon (HSTs are cut, but just need to sew together). I also have a monthly sampler BOM that I am doing along with my mom and grandmother, and our next meeting is on Friday, so I'll post that one soon too.

As on off-topic, but totally adorable side note, we recently adopted this 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier from a local kennel, so I've been distracted by a lot of snuggles and kisses lately.


I guess after 4 years at the shelter, he is quite excited to have a family because he will not leave our side and I am with him all day. I am excited to make him a Christmas stocking, blanket and more, so stop by to see those fun projects too!!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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