Thursday, August 18, 2016

Seeing Stars Block-of-the-Month No. 7

Hi all! I am excited to say that with the addition of a new dog, I knew that life would be a little more hectic. I am currently sleep-training our new 4-year-old Amstaff, Buster ... as in, I am working on knocking out some sewing projects as he sleeps outside the studio door. What!?! Bet Cesar Milan doesn't teach that on his show!

well, while this big guy snored away today and played intermittently with Lil Monkey (and there was some barking at the neighbor's cat in our yard), I was able to get these 2 blocks done for the Seeing Stars BOM by Tricia Cribbs at Turning Twenty

These are a 12-inch and 6-inch version of Block 7. Looks kind of the same, huh? Well, here they are together!

I am doing this Block of the Month project with my mom and grandmother, the first time all three of us are doing on TOGETHER! It's been fun and there is a guaranteed monthly get-together no matter how busy things get! Well, mostly ... I was unable to go to the meeting last month or get the block done because I went to Louisiana to visit my sisters their families during the scheduled meeting, so my mom got the block and brought it to me later. But I am ready for tomorrow's meeting!!

While I am traditionally not a fan of the fall colors that we are doing the colors in, I am learning to try something new. In particular I am so seriously IN LOVE with this block. I love pinwheels to begin with, but this twist made my little heart happy.

I'm usually not happy with my traditional blocks because I feel like no matter how long I have been quilting and sewing, I will always be a "novice" when it comes to traditional blocks, but this project has been fun to sort of "journal" about. 

When I was away, my mom also picked up the finishing instructions or whatever its's called (I'll have to go look and see what they call it.) So it's exciting to see the finished versions the designer shows and little "tweaks you can do to make it different, and I love to go "off-script". 

Well, I'll pick up block 8 tomorrow and let you know how that one goes. I'm excited that school starts for Lil Monkey on Monday so that I can get scheduled sewing time in.

Well, I could happily blog about making quilts and samples all day long, but it's time to get dinner cooked, so ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

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