Friday, November 11, 2016

A Mini Quilt from Kimberbell Fabrics

When I was at the Quilt Market in Houston I spent a bit of time in the Kimberbell Designs booth talking to Kim and the team about new projects, fabrics and embellishments. Kim gave me me a sample charm pack of her fabrics. I was excited to get home to see what fabrics Kimberbell Designs has in their collection.

After searching through some Pinterest ideas for quilts made from charm packs and I settled on a pattern with crisscross pattern through the charm block. 

In addition to the (20) 5-inch squares I chose for the mini quilts (one will have 26 and one will have 4) I also cut (2) 1-inch by 5-inch strips for each one for a total of 40 strips. Then  this is how I assembled the mini quilt:

1. Cut each of the 5-inch squares in half.

2. Sew one half of the 5-inch block to a strip, then sew the other half of the same block to the other side of the strip. (I forgot to take a photo.)

3. Cut each block in half again in the other direction.

4. Repeat Step 2 and sew the halves back together with a strip in the center forming a cross or "plus" sign. 

5. Layout your multicolored blocks to determine desired pattern, then sew together.

I absolutely love how they turned out though its just the tops. These will be a great chance for me to practice to quilting with my sewing machine, My mom has decided that I am old enough to do it myself (O.k. I'm 30+ years old, so she may be right.) The red, black and white one will, of course, be a mug rug for my many, many Mickey Mouse coffee mugs!!

Regardless, you must check out the fabrics in the Kimberbell Designs line. They are absolutely adorable and I am already thinking of future projects!!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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