Saturday, November 26, 2016

Not Quite As Planned ...

Yesterday was the Four Family's Gathering at our house and amid all the other food I was making I thought it was be great to make Whipped Cream in a Jar. All the posts I'd read said it was easy. So I poured the whipping cream, sugar and vanilla into a chilled Mason Jar and started to shake it. I soon realized my little arms we're long (or strong) enough to shake it and my husband offered to do it. Then it started to spill ... out of a tightly closed jar, so I poured some out and started shaking again. After a few minutes and nearly hitting myself in the face a time or two, I put it in the fridge to deal with later ... only we never got to it. So today amid all the dished I needed to do, I decided to try again. Still just a sweet liquid mess. Maybe there was too much liquid, maybe I couldn't shake it fast enough, or whatever, but it was an epic fail, though I did get an arm workout. 

I've never confessed to be Trisha Yearwood or The Pioneer Woman in the kitchen, basically I can follow a recipe and (as you can see in other posts) I can make some pretty great tablescapes, but the whipped cream was ... well, whipping my butt. I am a Country Girl, turned City Girl, but I love Mason Jars, so I really wanted this to work. 

So I took out the hand mixer to do it the "not-quite-old-school" method. In a few minutes I had some pretty decent whipped cream ... next  to the Mason Jar. That's as close as I got to Mason Jar Whipped Cream. 

I did put it back in the Mason Jar to store it after cutting a piece of pumpkin pie for myself. All in all, I learned that "quick and easy" isn't always quick or easy, but I did learn that I make a pretty darn good pumpkin pie and now I'm going to go eat it on my newly made tablecloth with centerpiece!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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