Thursday, November 24, 2016

Table (Decor) Dancing

Ok, so if you've seen me dance, you'd probably ask me to stop, but tonight I am excited because the week seemed to have gotten away from me as the Thanksgiving Holiday approached and it was actually on Thanksgiving Day that I was able to find (demand) time to sit down and make a table cloth and runner for our big Thanksgiving gathering tomorrow. 

Long story short, my husband and 3 childhood friends who grew up in the same neighborhood (practically same block) have continued to grow their friendship into a brotherhood despite the various paths their individual journeys have taken them. Two joined the military, one had children early while another established his career before starting a family and well, here they are some 25+ years later having added a wife for each and 7 children between them. Their group of 4 has turned into a gathering of 15. 

So tomorrow the stars will align and they will join us here at The Teacup Cottage for an evening of catching up and wearing out kids as well sharing wine and making memories, of course!

That means, that we will finally break in the new house with this group and I needed to make a table cloth and centerpiece. Luckily earlier this week, my mom found some beautiful white fabric with scalloped edges and stitching designs that I could use to make a covering for our 102-inch table when she was packing to move. (She bought a house around the corner from us!)

That was a godsend as all I have to do was cut off the selvage and sew! Easy! Well, until my 5-foot tall self got all tangles in yardage of white fabric like a kitten with a ball of yarn. Turns out, 102+ inches of fabric is a L-O-N-G way to sew. Luckily, I only had to do it once.

The to make a centerpiece. I had these really pretty white and gold reindeer that I wanted to put on the table and with the white tablecloth I need to go more "elegant" than "Shabby Chic" so I dig around until I found a gold fabric that I'd had for years and was scared to cut it up because I had no idea what to do with it. I decided to pair it with this red Christmas floral fabric with gold flecks and make a simple two-side runner. 

Since some of the kids in the group are still young, I decided to make it smaller, 11-inches by 22-inches so that it could be snagged by littles climbing into parents' laps while eating (we have 2 that are 3 years old and first time at the "kids table", so better to be prepared!)

Turns out, I loved it! It was better than I anticipated.

It paired great with our red and gold chargers, and after the table is cleared, I can flip it and leave the red and gold on top with a simple vase with red berries.

Well, now that that is done, I should probably get some other things marked off the chore list so I can go to bed and get an early start!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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