Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Family Heirloom with Quite the Story ...

This week I have been sharing about my recent trip to Jefferson, Texas, for the 14th Annual Jefferson Quilt Show. The last day of the show a lady came in with a quilt she was wanting know get some information about. It had been passed down in her family for generations and once we learned is story, no one was willing to take it out of the bag, but urged her to get it appraised.

Inside the bag it was being kept in was a handwritten letter ...

This is what it said: 

Made in Bowie County, Texas, Late 1800's.  
Joe and Willie B. Morgan.  
Handed down by Thomas B. Morgan, Joe's Father.  
The thread (wool) was taken from sheep raised by the family. It was washed, spun and dyed by the girls and mother. Then it was sent back to Kentucky to be woven into panels to make the comforter. As each child grew to adulthood, there was a comforter for each. Each comforter was a different color.   
Ruth Morgan Williamson wrote this. 

Seriously, is that not the most amazing story and treasure ever!?! What a special heirloom. The lady who brought the quilt was given suggestions on how to store it and encouraged to have it appraised. Even though I only got a small glimpse for the photo, I thought it would be a story worth sharing.

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired.

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