Sunday, February 19, 2017

An Unexpected Family Adventure ...

This is a little off topic, but I thought I'd share ... Yesterday we decided to step away from our electronic devices, comfortable recliners and air conditioning and take our new (to us) boat our for a fishing adventure near Texas City and Galveston, Texas. So dear hubby went a grabbed the boat Friday night and prepped it for the trip. 

We just bought the boat last week from a friend who bought it as a "project" boat. He got it running and soon bought another boat that fit his family's needs a little better (slightly larger boat). So now we have the chance to "flip" this boat decor-wise and make many memories with our Little Monkey whom we just introduced to fishing in the past 4-6 months. 

Friday night, dear hubby had fun prepping the boat, checking the motor and other "mechanical" things that I know nothing about. Saturday morning, we got a late start (planned) and left to head the Texas City where we going to launch the boat. Since it was only my second time as "first mate: I was truly nervous about not messing up or getting anyone hurt. Once we were on the road, we had promised Little Monkey that we would stop for snacks and treats at Bucee's along the way. Once we got underway, we were excited cause the weather was PERFECT.

We had barely gotten close to the interstate and was stopped at a light. Suddenly, we smelled something burning or melting but didn't know what it was. Hubby thought it could be the brakes and adjusted some sort of brake assist he had and we started off slowly again. We slowly (but fast enough to be safe) got on the interstate. Then a driver pulled along side us and told us one of the tires on the boat trailer was smoking. YIKES! Knowing where we were on the interstate, we knew our only options for safely pulling over was making it to Bucee's 3 miles away. 

Long story short, it was the longest 3 miles I can remember, but we made it safely and were able to pull into a place where we could check out the tire. Sure enough, we had a not so small problem ...

I am so thankful that my husband has quite the knowledge and understanding of mechanical issues. Right away he discover that the trailer we got with the boat had a tire whose ball bearings had totally disintegrated! 

Luckily, my husband knew just what to do, so after he took the whole wheel apart, he got a ride though Uber and went to two nearby auto parts stores and got what he needed to repair the trailer wheel. We spent a little more than 2 hours at Bucee's and decided once the tire was fixed (or at least driveable) we headed home. We went looking for adventure, and found something quite unexpected!

This morning (Sunday), we woke early for a weekend and after talking decided to give it a second try. So after the guys' usual Sunday donuts, we packed up and headed back out to Texas City.

We were happy to make it there with no issues. Once we arrived, we realized we arrived at low tide, so we were a little nervous about whether we could get the boat off the trailer. Luckily, after talking with another boat owner launching from the same place, we decided to give it a try and the water was deep enough. But it wouldn't be that easy ... after starting up the boat and beginning to pull away from the trailer, the boat died. At first dear hubby thought he had flooded the engine, but after a few minutes of investigating, he realized there was a leak in the fuel line. So right there, with the boat half on and half off the trailer and in the water, he pulled out his tool bag and got to work. A snip here, and cinch there and soon we were ready to go.  

After that it was smooth sailing ... or boating since we don't have sails.

We found a great spot for fishing, filled with lots of fish. Unfortunately, all we did was feed some shrimp stealing fish!! Lots of nibbles and lost shrimp, but no bites.

We got interrupted by some large ships, went exploring in between fishing and I got to christen my new fishing pole ...

All in all, its like they say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired ... and #Adventurous!!

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