Thursday, February 2, 2017

Finding Inspiration at Jefferson Quilt Show

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I'm sorry, I had to remove this post because there were uploading issues with the images and nothing I did would get rid of the grainy and unfocused look, so I deleted it and am reposting it tonight in hopes of resolving the issue. 

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What an amazing weekend we had at at the Jefferson Quilt Show in Jefferson, Texas. You may have seen photos and videos I posted on the Teacup Cottage Instagram during the event. I could certainly regain you with information about the show, but you can find most of that information on their website, so let's just get the the photos ...

There were a lot of beautiful quilts on display, but as a much as I love roses, I just fell in love with this beautiful rose quilt. If you look closely in the center, the roses are 3-Dimensional.

Another one I was in complete awe of was this one. I was completely speechless at the detail that went into this quilt. The brightness is amazing, the contrast and colors are so vibrant!

The most amazing quilt on display was this Steampunk Quilt named Extraneous Female: Escapement Mechanism by Beckey Prior, in Henderson, Texas.  She said, "This quilt is my interpretation of a Baltimore Album Quilt. This is the first quilt I have ever shown." It won Best in Show.

You can see more of the quilts in the show by visiting their website.

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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