Monday, February 13, 2017

Fish Cupcakes are Yummy!!

I have been cleaning out my office and studio and getting it organized slowly since we switched rooms over the Christmas holidays. It's been a slow process for a few reasons, I only work on it about an hour a day, I am only able to do it when the daily tasks are done (though I'd rather organize than wash dishes), and this is our "forever home", so I am still sorting through boxes packed but never unpacked from about 7 military moves. (A "forever home" for military families, is the home they finally settle in whether at their last duty station or once they leave the military.)

This weekend, rather than sort through physical things, I started sorting through hundreds of digital photos and "phone dumps" from the past few years. Trying to get everything in dated folders and labeled in categories such as Teacup Cottage (craft projects) or Schools (sorting Lil Monkey's school activities by year) and Vacations (we have had so many wonderful adventures!)

I came across these three photos from August 2014 and just had to share. That year Lil Monkey had started Pre-K at a preparatory school with (mostly) international children. The school introduced an "immersion program" while we were there, meaning the classrooms for each of the Pre-K classes were decorated to look like one of the 3 themes that they would do throughout the year.

The first one was Under the Sea, so they teachers (and parent volunteer) decorated the walls to look like the 7 layers of the Ocean. The all of their course work and studies were sea creature themed. They counted fish for math, read about sea creatures, made sea coral for art and wrote songs about a Baby Beluga Whale (still can't get that song out of my head 2 years later!) It was amazing and if I can find photos I will post them.

Well, little Monkey was very excited about the sea and one day when we were having friends come to dinner, we decided to get a dessert.  Of course, Lil  Monkey was very specific about what he wanted for dessert, even drew a picture of what it should look like ... as you can see here.

If you need an interpretation, that is cupcakes with fish on them. How the heck was I going to pull that off without time to place an order? Well, it took longer than I care to admit to figure it out, but we got blue cupcakes (with sprinkles) and a box of Swedish Fish (yuck!) and ta-da!! Fish cupcakes. Sad to say we couldn't find teal fish, but red worked out OK!

I really miss when my little guy was so creative. He's too busy living life as a superhero now to sit and do these things with me now, but considering we just bought a boat and he got a fishing pole for his birthday, we may have to make more Fish Cupcakes!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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