Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Run 4 the Rescues 5k

Today I received a package from Flex it Pink and I was quite excited. This year one of my goals was to "get up and do something" instead of yo-yo dieting my way to healthier goals. In August you may remember we adopted Buster Brown from a local shelter. In fact, it was a no-kill shelter and he was there for approximately 4 years, save for a brief break where he was adopted by a couple where only one of them really wanted him.

Walking Buster almost every day forced me to stop putting exercise at the end of the to-do list. Trust me if that guy isn't walked for more than a day or so, his energy gets out of control! So walking is where we started. Due to a nerve injury from my delivery with Lil  Monkey, running wasn't going to be something I could do for a while, but our walks have gotten longer than when we started at the beginning of the year!

One day I came across the Facebook Page for Flex it Pink and the information for the upcoming Run 4 the Rescues virtual run, benefiting Marley's Mutts. I thought this would be a great goal for Buster and I as we started to increase our walking distance.

Obviously, #Run4theRescues was a great one for us to participate in considering all the the volunteers and donors who helped keep Buster and his shelter mates fed and cared for the past 4 years. I signed up early in January, the scheduled walk/run dates were Feb. 25-Mar. 5 (next week), but the website said you are welcome to do it any time you want, so I decided that I would do mine Jan. 22. Why? Because that is my birthday and I was turning 39 years old. I thought this would be a great way to kick off a "health journey to 40!" So that morning Buster and I convinced (my) Prince Charming to join us for a 3.9 mile walk to kick off 39!

So actually, dear hubby and buster walked 3.1 miles (5k) with me, but then Buster saw the house and was ready to g home, so I walked the last .8 miles by myself, which wasn't that bad. But, "Ha!! I beat the boys!" was certainly going through my head!

I was glad I walked that extra distance when I saw my ice cream cake that night, but still ended up only having a small piece. 

Well, today my Flex it Pink package arrived and Buster helped me open it, though he lost intereste quickly ...

I'm certainly excited to do this again, and we may go ahead and walk a 5k again next week, we've been doing it almost weekly now depending on weather. I've enjoyed seeing all the inspirational stories and such on the Flex it Pink social media sites, and definitely have list this as a motivational tool for this  "health journey to 40!"

Well, I'm off to cook dinner and let Buster sleep some more. What a light weight he is!!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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