Thursday, March 9, 2017

It's Inherited, I have Proof ...

For years my poor husband has gingerly lived amid my crafts and creations. He's never been negative about it, waits patiently when I drag him to stores and agrees to rearrange the occasional weekend schedule so I could attend some meeting or such at a quilt shop. In turn, I've tried to keep my purchases to a minimum (when I can), make sure I don't leave projects laying about the house and try mot to disappear for hours into my studio, known in the virtual wold as The Teacup Cottage. 

A few months ago, my mother and stepfather decided to move closer to us, buying a house a few blocks away, since we left the military life and bought our "forever" home. Since they have a ranch and haven't found a parcel of land close to their new house for the animals, they have been alternating between new and old house, slowly moving stuff each visit. Of course he first thing my mom has on the list is her quilting supplies, machine and all the accessories!

Though my husband has been to my parent's ranch house many times before, he was aware that she had a lot of stuff, however, since he has never (to my knowledge) actually gone upstairs at the ranch house (we never stayed the night there), he is now getting a full visual of just how much stuff she has collected over the years.

This is about 1/4-1/2 of her total collection. There is a sewing room with multiple machines, a few shelves with fabric, bins of Batik fabrics, double the thread you see, as well as a longarm quilting machine in yet another room. I think it has put my small collection in perspective for him ...

Yeah, its insane ... the amount, the organization, the fact that at any give minute you could invent a game where she has to tell you where something is and she gets it right EVERY TIME. 

Its taken a while to get stuff moved in because she is sorting and organizing as she goes, as well as fitting in the occasional business trip for shows, lectures or such activities.  She gone right now, at the Quiltsmart Offices in Oregon, which is why I have to photos. She asked me to go to the house and take photos so that Mattie (Quiltsmart owner) could get some organization ideas as she continues to develop mew products, patterns, samples and such. Mom is an expert at packing a clown car, if you get my meaning.  

So I guess you can say I come by this genetically. While I am still organizing my new studio (I switched rooms with Lil Monkey over Christmas), I hope to use some of those tips and tricks to help since I had to down-size. 

Well, until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired ... and organized!

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