Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Reflections ...

I love when my personal Facebook page show photos of projects in the "On This Day" section. I rarely post photos here now, but before the creation of the Teacup Cottage Facebook Page and even the creation of the Teacup Cottage Blog, I would post photos of ongoing and finished projects here. Today, one of those "memories"  popped up.

In 2014, I was working with my mom's company as they transitioned the distribution and shipping back to Texas. Working the transition mostly had me in the warehouse and office until their could find someone to manage the product packaging, but sometimes I would go with my mother to work quilt shows when the usual list of possible workers couldn't (friends from local quilt guilds). 

At these shows I am 99% of the time working at the demo table. It's great because I get to work on projects while explaining fusible applique to people. On March 1, 2014, the above quilt piece was the project for the day. I would go on to do 2 more of the 4 patterns we sold. This one is called Rogaland Romance. (Designer is Happy Stash Quilts)

In January of this year, I made Scandinavian Summer, which I loved and want to make for myself, but haven't found the time yet. 

I don't have a photo of the finished Spring Bouquet, or at least  I can't find it. Another quilter made that one, but I  made two versions of the Country Charm ... one that is a sample for my mom's company, Bear Thread Designs ... 

And my own using batiks in jewel tones (sorry for the shadow). It's my favorite and I still need to send it to be quilted. 

I love fusible applique projects and making these samples has let me do projects that I might not otherwise have had time for these past 7 years. I never crease to be amazed at how well these beautiful art quilts are and the ease with which they are made. I've got more waiting "in the wings" and hope to get some of these quilted soon and I'll share them with you for certain!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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