Sunday, March 12, 2017

Someone's Lost Heart

In the summer of 2014 as school was ending I was prepared to kick off the break with a stack of books, so I headed to Half-Price Books to stock up. A few weeks later while sitting through Little League T-Ball practice, I pulled a new book out of my bag after getting settled in and found a little surprise ...

This is the message I posted on Instagram that day ... 

 "I picked up the Bound for Murder book by #LauraChilds and found this adorable 
handmade heart-shaped bookmark inside. I do hope there is not a heartbroken 
Mommy out there looking for this unique piece of art from a young child. For 
now we will set aside and treasure this one-of-kind art piece art we found
 and wish the little artist much success in future creative endeavors."

Well, of course I could never bear to get rid of it, and over the years it's popped up in various places in my office. As I was cleaning out my desk drawer (looking for a seam ripper), I found it again. The next day, I picked up a small frame and added it to the shelves in my office.

Now it sits on my shelf next to the Teal Pumpkins I made for Halloween this past year. 

I still just couldn't imagine throwing it away. As a mom, most anything Lil Monkey made for me with a heart on it was super special. I'd be heartbroken if someone just threw one of them away. So now, it has a new home on my shelf. 

Have you found any treasures in a book or antique?

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired ...

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