Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Creative Cub Scouts!

Last night was our weekly Cub Scout meeting for Lil Monkey. This is our first year and we have learned so much, done so much, experienced so much with this program. Last night was no different.

At the last "Pack meeting" our Tiger Den was awarded the Cubmaster's Staff, so we were tasked with creating a decoration to add the the staff. Last night we were introduced to Perler Beads projects and Lil Monkey and I had tons of fun. Each of the 6-8 boys in attendance made a Tiger-related design to add to the staff. We "Googled" several designs and settled on this one.

It certainly was a tedious task and I will admit Lil Monkey stopped about halfway through for snack time and to play with his friends, but he came back and helped me finish the last beads.

It turned out way better than I imagined! We didn't have an many white beads as needed since we were the last to get to do our design, but Lil Monkey's modifications turned out pretty great!

We've done several other craft projects in our Den. We made lanterns for the Blue and Gold Banquet, the theme was Star Wars this year. The boys nailed holes into tin cans in the shape of different Star Wars themed photos.

We've also participated in the Pinewood Derby, which was a little crazy for us. There were so many rules and such, but he wanted to make a Minecraft car. To make it easy for him, we taped off the face and let him color it in using a Sharpie.

Since we are going backwards on the timeline, our first project was kind of my favorite, we participated in a Rocket Derby and Lil Monkey decided to make a Police Rocket. 

I can't wait to see what projects we do next!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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