Friday, April 21, 2017

I Am Terrible, Horrible, No Good ...

I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ... at finishing projects.

I haven't always been, there was a time when I finished what I started in a timely manner. When my husband left for his first deployment, I used crafting and cross stitch to keep me busy, and I finished a lot of projects that year .. and the year of the second deployment. 

Now, I didn't complete them all, there were some large projects that I'd set aside because I needed a change, but I made vintage-style ornaments for Christmas, stitched matching kitchen towels and pot holders, and other home decor projects. I hadn't started quilting at that point, though I had as a teen since my mom was a quilter.

We were at our first duty station for a little more than 5 years, so I had lots of projects completed and a few that I'd started when the Army packed us up and moved up. Of course, that meant that everything finished or not was packed up. Between leaving that duty station and getting household goods at the new house, there were a few weeks and so of course I needed some projects to do while waiting in the hotel, on the trip back home for a wedding and of course for the days I spent unpacking boxes.

Since we were only scheduled to be at the second location for 8 months while my husband went to school, we only unpacked necessary boxes. While at this second location we found out we were expeecting Lil Monkey, so when the Army moved us again, I was 7 months pregnant.

Once we arrived at our third location setting up the kitchen, master bedroom and nursery were priority. That Christmas, I got a sewing machine from Dear Husband and then the fabric collecting began ... mind you there were still multiple boxes of scrapbooking, cross stitching and other misc crafts unpacked from the past 2 moves, so it got away from me.

This past week I have been sorting through all those boxes ... a a few more, since we moved two more times since then. Quilting projects are much bigger than cross stitch and while cross stitch projects fit in gallon sized zipper bags, quilt projects need a little more space ...

So luckily, not ALL of those boxes are an unfinished quilt project, but maybe about half or so. There are a few that are fabric collections that are paired, ready to be used for a project and there are two bins (left) that are filled with Quiltsmart interfacing.

I have started to layout some of the half finished projects to catalog what needs to be done to finish and as you can see, some only need a little bit of work, like this one is 5 blocks short of completion.

So I am hoping that this year, I will get a chance to finish some of these. How do you fair when it comes to quilt projects, are you a finisher or a serial starter?

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired ...

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