Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This Kid has My Creativity but His Own Style

This week I have not had any time to do anything craft-related. There has been a lot of work and charity things to do this week and cleaning after Easter activities. This morning was the Volunteer Thank You Breakfast at Lil Monkey's school. He was so worried last night that he made a thank you card and that I wouldn't get it.

I didn't know what he meant until I got there this morning and saw that each child in the school in 1st and 2nd grade had made a card ad they had mixed them all up and decorated the long tables with cards down the centers. All I knew was that his card was blue ... I was slightly panicked.

As I sat talking to his best friend's mom (one of two best friends, I am not allowed to say one is better than the other), he teacher walked up. She explained that she had Lil Monkey's thank you letter and after reading it when he turned it in she had shown it to several teachers. Each of the teachers who read it expressed that she should keep it because it was so funny, but she took photos and wanted to make sure I got it. So here it is ... his funny thank you card ...

So if you can figure out what it says, here is the "translation:

"The Thank You Book"
Sharks are grey,
The water is blue,
Oh, just thank you
For all that you do!

On the back he cross out a mistake and wrote:

(Read this if you are my mom.) Thank you Mommy!

How absolutely adorable is this kid!?! Maybe I'm just biased ...

Until our next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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