Thursday, June 29, 2017

Camp Creativity at Michael's

The past few weeks Lil Monkey and I have explored a variety of activities, but one of our favorites has been the Camp Creativity at Michael's Stores. We have made a few Disney themed projects from painting to Perler Bead projects, and Model Magic. 

Each week had its own theme and we have 2 hours provided to do 2 projects and a journal page. Here's a view of some of our projects ...


Last Friday, we finished a Nemo themed week and my favorite project was a foam underwater scene.

We (Mommy) painstakingly cut out all the small pieces from the various colors of foam sheets. Then we glued them together. Lastly Lil Monkey placed them in his chosen layout (Nemo and Dory talking). I was so excited about the project and how great he did that I knew we had to frame it and put it in our Disney room at home, so we picked up a frame while so stopped to get his face ppainted during Michael's Facepainting Friday. So I took home a new art piece and a Triceratop!!

Once we framed it, he even signed it like the other art in our home. 

We have definitely enjoyed this activity and will continue through the summer. We have also added it to our list for Summer 2018, so I hope they plan on doing it again. If you want to check out the Kids' Classes at you Michaels, we found all the information and registration at their website.

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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