Monday, June 12, 2017

Operation Organization: Summer Fun!!

Helloooo! (Read with  British nanny accent!)

We have survived out first 12 days or so of Summer Break and I have to say, all the work and time it took to organized our summer activities for Lil Monkey.

I printed some really fun calendars from Beautifully Tarnished. (While you're there, check out some of her other cute posts!) Once I printed the calendars I wrote down all of the scheduled activities we had like the weekly day camps. Since our community hosts concerts in the park and movie in the park as well as a monthly Farmer's Market, I went ahead and added those as well. I made a second copy of the calendars for my mom and stepdad who may be asked to pick up Lil Monkey if I have work or a meeting (or you can photocopy when done.) This also helps them know when he had free time if they want to take him to do some activity.

Next I collected calendars of events from local organizations such as libraries (we live near 4 community libraries), community centers, city or state parks, Vacation Bible Schools, etc. I used dividers to separate the different sections. On the printed calendars we did mark reoccurring events like Craft Time at the library. 

Another thing we did was find a Reading Bingo (this was was found at The Chirping Moms, another blog worth exploring for family fun). For this one, since Lil Monkey is an only child, he is coloring each of the blocks as he completes them and will get a gift card when complete.

You can also search for scavenger hunts to do at parks, libraries, or in your home. We have done a library scavenger hunt, but it wasn't fun by ourselves so we'll try it with friends later this summer.

Lastly we made a Summer Bucket List.  This was a great opportunity to sit with Lil Monkey and see what he had imagined doing this summer. 

We also worked in activities for organizations that we do during the school year such as Cub Scouts and Karate to keep him interested despite not having weekly meetings. One thing not shown is a list of our friends phone numbers and notes of when they will be away on vacation (if they have told us, it's not like we asked everyone and put it on our calendar). 

We have loved carrying the calendar around and seeing what activities there are for us to do. Marking off things on the bucket list have been exciting. Having the book has also helped as stuff pops up, because we can add it to the list or see what options are for participating. If it was up to my kid, he'd be happy sitting in his room on the iPad or playing xBox, but I am dedicated to getting him out and exploring our local community, especially since we moved here last summer and didn't get to do a lot outside of weekly camps.

Hopefully this helps you have the best summer ever!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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