Friday, November 17, 2017

A Look Back While Moving Forward ...

The past few months have been a bit quiet here, as you may have noticed. The Week of August 27, our community suffered devastating flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. With more than 60-inches of water we were cut off from surrounding aide and worked tirelessly to help each other. Once the water receded, I began temporary admin work for a local construction company who was rebuilding more than 30 homes and businesses.

Facing the cleaning and demo of these homes and business, it was hard for me to for me to go home and pick up crafting projects. More than 30% of our community faced flood damage and neighboring community faced much more. A community merely 5 miles south suffered 100% devastation. Every home and business had water damage, residents waited hours, even days for rescues. It was hard for me to go into my studio and find joy when so many had lost everything.

It's been 3 months and while our communities still has a long way to go before we are back to breathing normal during a rainstorm, but we are getting there. Last week, we pulled out our Christmas decorations and sorted through them to find some for a family who had 5 kids and lost it all. Being able to do that brought some of the joy back. While we sorted through and gave them most of our store bought d├ęcor, we still had lots of things that I had made or were made for me/us by various family members.

This week I made ornaments for the family and for ours, and I realized that we are getting to a point where we can look at the little things and find comfort. As South Texas enters the holiday season, many will still be in temporary homes, rebuilding one step at a time, but they will still have a chance to make happy memories and reflect on how we were put to the test and found our strength in ourselves and each other.

Next week I'll post about the ornaments I made this week, but as we enter Thanksgiving week, I wanted to look back at 5 kid-friendly crafts that The Teacup Cottage has done over the years that would be great during the holidays ...

Shrinky Dink Art ... these would be great for ornaments, gift tags and more!

Perler Bead Projects ... theses would make great ornaments and are a great way to spend some quiet time. You can even find free designs for Christmas on their website

Grinch Shirts ... Last year my kid was a real Grinch when it came to decorating the tree and it stayed "natural" throughout the season, so maybe we should have used his tee shirt from Dr. Seuss Day to warn people!

Kid Handprint Table Runner ... Your holidays will be extra special if you decorate with a one-of-a-kind table runner like our 4th of July one. Bring on the green and red paint!! There are lots of hand-print Christmas ideas on Pinterest!

Kid-Art Pillows ... We think these would be great gifts for grandparents. What one-of-a-kind creations will your like artists create?

Check back later this week, as I dust off the cobwebs and get creative with Elves and ornaments.

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired.

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