Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I'm Dreaming of a Disney Christmas ...

We are huge Disney fans ... like HUGE! Ever since our first trip to Disney World when Lil Monkey was 8 months old ...

And then again at 14 months old ...

We've been hooked. Being stationed in Miami by the Army made it easy to take small weekend trips there and we visited Disney World at least 7 times. Once we were moved back home to Texas, we discovered Disney Cruise Line sailed out of Galveston in the winter months and by last Christmas we had completed 5 cruises.

We were hooked to say the least. There was so much for Lil Monkey to do at such a young age, and the Cruises showed us that as parents we could actually have a "real" vacation, where we got to relax and have fun without worrying about having to continuously chase our child. Of course, Disney-themed gifts soon became the favorite items from and for our extended family members. It wasn't long before I was looking into Disney-themed crafts and if you have ever searched for them on Pinterest, you know the ideas are limitless. 

You may remember my post from January 2016 about matching Mickey Mouse shirts I made for my husband and son, a tote for me and pajama shorts for all of us.  

This year for Christmas I wanted to get some Disney related gifts that I couldn't necessarily make myself, because there are some arts I am just not adept in doing. There were items that I really wanted, so I decided to "Shop Local" this Christmas.

Mickey Mouse Mug Cozies

O.k. seriously, these popped up on my Pinterest newsfeed and I was "hooked" (get it), but I am yarn art-challenged. As in I end up looking like a kitten with a ball of string and I only know one stitch. So, knowing someone local who crocheted, I asked if they could make them if I provided the yarn. The next day they were done!. Now I'm all about getting a Starbucks latte or hot chocolate. I told her I'd add buttons on them since I forgot to get them, but I hadn't done yet when I took the photos.

Disney Travel Mugs

As I said earlier we love Disney, particularly Disney Cruises, but every year I made shirts and its a fight to get my husband and kiddo to wear them, so this year I outsmarted them, they are getting Disney mugs. I had the mugs already. The two bug Rtic mugs from the local Buc-ee's during Thanksgiving weekend, then the small tumbler which resembles the Rtics is actually a kids cup I found at Walmart and fell in love with it. 

I asked a local mom's group for recommendations for someone who could make Disney decals for me. The fellow mom who they recommended did an amazing job. Not only did she make them, but she even put them on for me (I had some bad luck with some #FriendswoodStrong decals and never got one put on my cup properly).

I am excited to see what other local treasures I can find in my #ShopLocal adventures, and Disney will make it even more exciting.

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired ... and #ShopLocal

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