Friday, January 26, 2018

Motivated to Get Modern

This year I am branching out and trying something new ... modern quilting. I guess it’s not so much “new” an “increased focus”. I love quilts with expansive negative space and I love bold colors, I just never classified myself as “modern” in any aspect of my life - clothing, art preference, home decor.

Recently, a group of women in my community decided to start a “quilt group”. Just a group who got together to sew (or stitch), upon further chatting we decided to see if we’d qualify as a chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild since that seems to be the general interest of the group (many of us are 30’s and 40’s with school aged children). While there are several Quilt guilds in the area, they are mostly retiree aged women with more traditional quilting fabrics in general (there are some fairly “modern” quilts made and shown.)

I am excited to be a starting member of the group, it makes it a little easier on my social anxiety. The anticipation of joining this group as it moved forward in charter status has also helped me to break out of my temporary lack of interest in even entering my studio of late.

While I will still pursue my comforts in shabby chic style projects, I am equally excited to start something new. We’ll see where the journey leads!! To see where modern quilting takes me, check out the Make It Modern tag! #MakeItModern

Until our next cup of tea,

** Note: The above quilt was made in 2016 as part of a Tumbler Challenge for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival. It was only the second quilt I'd ever entered into the show. This was the quilt where mt mom forced me to learn to quilt my own quilts. The story can be found here.

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