Sunday, February 18, 2018

Have Your Cake ... And Eat It Too!!

It has been a busy first half of February. From Lil Monkey's birthday, to Valentine's parties, and more. But we still have been finding time to get crafty! Yesterday, was Lil Monkey's turn to get his hands into the crafting arena ... again.Last night was the Blue & Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. This event is the "birthday celebration" for Scouting. We have really enjoyed the past year and a half of Scouting and all the activities we've been a part of during this time.

For the event, all the Scouts were invited to participate a cake decorating contest, with the cakes serving at the dessert for the banquet. Lil Monkey was excited to decorate a cake with the theme being Dr. Seuss and "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

We were allowed to use a store-bought cake, so I was happy about that, because we had lots of errands and things to do yesterday before the Banquet. We picked up a cake and some decorations while out and once Daddy finished with his tasks, they got started.

First I printed some Dr. Seuss book images onto some white labels. The we cut them out and placed the on a cake pop stick adding colored paper to the backs. (I don't have a photo because I accidentally deleted it before downloading it- total fail while trying to empty my phone to have room for the event.)

Once we had the sticks ready Lil Monkey got to work. He spread green sprinkles on the bottom half of the cake for "grass" and blue on top half for "sky". Then while Daddy made a circle with a piece of paper he poured in blue sprinkles over the green to make a pond. In the pond, he placed a red fish, and then added red fish and multi-colored sprinkles to the sides of the round cake.

Lastly, we added some pre-made sugar flowers in the grass and around the bottom half of the border.

At this point, we placed the cover back on the cake so that we could transport it, then we'd finish the rest when we got to the event.

I had a little time before we left and aside from moving all the photos off my phone (and deleting a few in the process), I decided to look through the box of party decorations from parties past and found a pom-pom from a Dr. Seuss breakfast we had attended a few years ago. It was on a ribbon covered stick, so I knew putting it directly in the cake was probably not sanitary, so I found a hard plastic straw, the washable kind with the cups. It was a perfect fit! So I washed it and used it to hold the pom-pom on the cake.

When we arrived at the venue, I let Lil Monkey put the Book Stickers (the ones on sticks) and the pom-pom on the cake, and we were done! He was very happy with his cake!

Even though he didn't win, he was pretty happy with doing the whole thing himself. There were about 12-14 cakes and they were all really good. We decided not to eat the cake after watching kids cough all over them for about and hour and a half, but we had lots of fun and look forward to doing it again next year!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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