Saturday, February 3, 2018

I {Heart} Small Projects!

Hey! Can you believe it is February already! Some might say that January seemed to last a year instead of a month, because we've had school closing for weather, a revolving flu epidemic that seems to be catching everyone for multiple rounds and just general sluggishness. I am happy to be back in the studio , working on some projects, trying new things and hoping to tackle some of my stash in this year's projects.

I have my first quilt/sewing finish of 2018 and I must say, that is a huge milestone because I am a serial starter, but the whole "finishing" part id pretty hard. I'm a bit easily distracted, so my hope is to really get some of this stuff across the finish line so to speak.

As you may know, I am a huge fan of Quiltsmart, so every February, I try to do a project. You may remember in 2016 I made some fun mug rugs for an exchange I was doing and loved them. This year I decided to do a mug rug again and just let it take me whereever it wanted to go. So without any plan other than using red and pink fabric, I pulled out some of my ZigZapps! SweetHearts and see what happened.

I found some cute Moda fabric from a project that never really took off and sat down to get creative. I ended up with 2 large hears and 1 small heart and then it started to come together ...

I knew I wanted to red fabric for the background because for some reason, despite my enduring love for pink, red is not something I am drawn to, but I am trying new things. I laid out my hearts, and ironed them to the background fabric then sandwiched that piece with some batting and backing and started quilting my little quilt. It was about 9x12 inches when I started stitching. I got creative with the stitching and instead of my traditional cross-hatch lines, I got a little "modern" ...

I did have my stitched lines in one direction and the other half perpendicular to those lines. Look out! I'm getting brave!! I loved it but as I finished it and was deciding on a binding, I wondered how it would look if I cut it down to 8x10 inches and framed it instead! Once I passed the idea by my mom (who is a quilt traditionalist but said give it a try), I headed to Hobby Lobby after lunch to find a frame. I thought ahead and brought the quilted piece and was really surprised at how the different frames made it look.

I wanted a frame that matched the "feel" of my studio, so the first one was a bit too "farmhouse" for me. I was so in LOVE with the second one but I wondered if it would overwhelm the more chic feeling frames in the small room. My favorite was the third option but there were only 2 in the store and there were both pretty scuffed up and that would have driven me insane, so I went with ...

I am so excited with how this project turned out! It only took me about 3 hours from start to finish (with minimal interruptions from pup, kid and hubby). Not only is this my first 208 finish, but I can't remember the last time I did a project start to finish in one day!! If you get the chance to try some of these cute ZigZapps! projects, head on over to Quiltsmart's website. There are so many fun options!!

Also, wouldn't these make cute Teacher's gifts for Valentine's Day!?!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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