Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Christmas (Ornament) Simplified

Hey, hey, everyone!! Welcome to our new friends! I am still working on Christmas ornament blocks and having fun. We still have spots open for the Block Exchange at The Sparkly Elephant Sewing Lounge if you live in the Houston-Galveston Corridor.

So this week I want to share with you a Simpler Christmas Ornament. Even with so many years of quilting, many times I still feel like a newbie. When it comes to trading or showing blocks and quilts, It makes me nervous that I may not be at the level of quilter that the quilters i am exchanging with. So, self-confidence aside, I found an amazingly cute fabric at Wal-Mart, and decided to try and make a simpler version of the Christmas Ornament Block.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For each ornament cut:

  • (1) 8 1/2-inch square of the fabric for the ornament 
  • (4) 2 1/2-inch squares of the white (background) fabric
  • (1) 1 1/2-inch square of a dark fabric for ornament "hanger"
  • Strips for border

Step 1: Draw a diagonal line on the back of 2 1/2-inch background square.

Step 2: Pin a background square to each corner of the ornament square RS together. Sew 1/4 away from the drawn line on the side closest to center of block.

Step 3: Trim block on drawn line.

Step 4: Iron block open and trim to biggest half size (I trimmed my down to 7 1/2 inches square).

Step 5: Take width of ornament and divide by 2, then cut. Sew each one to either side of the 1 1/2-inch square for the "hanger". The sew tat strip to the top of the ornament.

Step 6: Measure ornament with hanger and hanger and add borders to get to desired size.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This was such an easy and fun project. It's best with fabric like this- fabric with an intricate design. You may have to play around with it for a bit to get to the exact look that you want, but just have fun with it.

For this week's Christmas project freebie, you can have a cup of tea ... or coffee or cocoa ... with this cute quilt called In from the Cold, found here.

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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