Friday, October 12, 2018

Half-Square Triangles for Christmas

I love half-square triangles, like ... love, love, love them. So of course, when I partnered with the new local shop, The Sparkly Elephant Sewing Lounge to host a local Christmas Ornament Block Exchange, I just knew one post would be about the different ways you could use HSTs to make your blocks!

You may have seen one on my last post, but then I locked myself in my studio and made a few more. The first block and this second one were made using some "vintage" fabric that my mom inherited when a fellow quilter friend passed away. My mom is not really a fan of seasonal fabrics or quilts, so I got nearly 2 giant plastic bins of fabrics her friend, Kay, had collected over the years.

I made another one using fabrics I bough a few years ago for a Christmas flying geese quilt. There were enough scraps to make this fun one with a pinwheel in the center.

It looks a little like an apple in the photo, but I'm sure later when I add the other sample blocks together it won't look so "apple-y". I have wide borders because for the exchange at The Sparkly Elephant the block will be a finished 9" block, but these I will cute down to 8" and put together in a small wall hanging or something.

I have a few more cut, that still need to be pieces, so check my Instagram and Facebook pages often to see updates.

Meanwhile, I'll be sorting through these Christmas fabrics making more ornaments.

I also made this cute block from some "mistakes". I cut the stripped fabric in the wrong direction, so I paired it with some fabrics scraps and made these 4 half-square triangles them added a fin white-on-white border. Maybe I'll make a few more from scraps and give out mug rugs for Christmas gifts!! 

Before I get started with a new group of projects, I wanted to offer this tip: If you are nervouse about block exchanges like me because you are worried about them being the right size, you can always make your border "plus-sized" and trim when you square up at the end. Sometimes I get in a rush or get distracted but dog, child or husband (or all 3 at once- no joke), that my blocks comes out too small. So I tend to make a little larger and trim down. Problem solved!!

For this week's Christmas project freebie, I found this Quick Cornerstone Quilt Tutorial last year and have it on my To-Do List to make as a quick and easy table runner. With all my scraps I might be able to do a table runner and a quilt. We'll see what time I have, but until then, I wanted to share this with you. Diary of a Quilter Blog by Amy Smart has a variety of great tutorials for quilters of all skill levels. You'll fall in love, so I probably wouldn't start looking if it's near dinner time! 

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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