Saturday, November 3, 2018

To Market We Go!

Hello Lovely Teacupers! Today was the first day of quilt market and I had a lot of fun working the booth for Quiltsmart!! I can’t feel my feet, but I hear that’s a common thing for those who don’t do this regularly!

I have been a Quiltsmart Ambassador for about 4 years or so now, so when Mattie, the creator of Quiltsmart asked me if I'd like to her her at the Fall Quilt Market, it didn't take more than a second to say, "Yes!"

The exciting part was getting a sneak peek earlier this week of the new Quiltsmart products. I seriously can’t tell you what I love more. Market is a time to see all the new products, so getting that sneak peek even before Market was like winning the lottery.

The new Big Bright Star is a larger version of the classic Lone Star Quilt. In my last post I shared with you the smaller version of the Lone Star when I did the Fall Lone Star Challenge! But the Big Bright Star may have my heart. (The above photo has the full image, but below you can see it better.)

First of all the Big Bright Star uses the same technique as the Quiltsmart Lone Star, but it uses larger rectangles to make the star. It also uses 5 fabrics to make the star but being bigger means you can finish it FASTER!!

This sample of the Big Bright Star was made with Tula Pink fabrics and fussy cut to have a kaleidoscope look to it. I’ll post an update close image on my Instagram account tomorrow.

The other new project this year is Placematties. A quick and easy way to make scalloped place mats.

You can also make a pillow by using and envelope back. I’ll do a tutorial on the blog as soon and my interfacing arrives!!

Lastly, this year Quiltsmart is introducing their Class in a Bag. As a Quiltsmart teacher I am excited to hold classes with these cute teachable projects!!

There are 5 options (in size order):
  • It’s a Hoot Owl
  • Dresden (Single) Sunflower
  • Sprouts
  • Dresden (Queen Size) Sunflower (This one is the black with sunflowers seen below.)
  • The Mariner’s Star

I’m excited to share some of these projects with all of you soon. Follow my Instagram to see more adventures from #quiltmarket2018!!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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