Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Modern (Quilt Guild) Christmas

Hello Teacupers! How are you fairing in the colder weather? Here in South Texas we are trying to brace ourselves against the relentless wet winds that are blowing through our area. We don't usually have cold winters, maybe short bursts of cold temps, but there have been many Christmases in shorts, but we are surviving!!

Many of us are keeping warm with hot chocolate and quilting ... well that's my master plan. Today however, I did venture our into the cold and wet weather for the Guild Coast Modern Quilt Guild monthly meeting and Christmas Party, and it was worth it! Part of the festivities included an (optional) White Elephant with handmade gifts, so of course I made Quiltsmart Wine Shades in a festive fabric. 

I love these easy to make shades and nearly every holiday I make a set. Our Nutcracker was sad to see them go, but I already have a matching set on the sewing table to make for myself! 

The White Elephant game always makes me nervous because of all the stealing and swapping, you really don't know what you'll end of with until the end. I was the 4th person to draw a package and I got these fun coasters. I love how Anna made them with blue jean fabric - genius gift for a mom of a rough and tumble little boy! (Many of you have heard Lil Monkey stories ...) 

But, alas ... I kept them all the way until the last participant, who stole them {GASP!}, but then I decided to get the last unopened gift and I got these adorable little star ornaments!

 (I may still get to use the coasters since Andria who "stole" them is the owner of the Sparkly Elephant Sewing Lounge. If she leaves them there to be used for open sew times, I will forgive her for taking them!)

I have to say, the stars may have been made as ornaments, but that didn't stop me from finding multiple other uses like wearing them in my hair ... (Thanks Andria for the photo!)

Or attaching them to my purse as festive decor.

I wonder what other used I can find for them ... 

Well, until next time, I hope you are having an amazing holiday season. Remember, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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