Thursday, December 6, 2018

An (Almost) Perfect Girls Night Out!

Hello Sweet Teacupers! I hope you are having a wonderful week. We have had some extra excitement this week as Jamie has friends over after school- well sort of. My friend OhEmG had her sitter call in sick and since we certainly don't want her watching the kids if contagious, we've had them here for most of the week and we are loving it!!

Earlier this week I also invited OhEmG (and her sister who shall now be dubbed CraftWizLiz for blogging purposes) to join me at The Sparkly Elephant Sewing Lounge in Friendswood, Tx, for a No Sew Christmas Ornament Class set for last night. I missed the class when it was done last month and I haven't had a Girl's Night Out in 6 years (give or take). To be honest, I have been invited before, but I am more of a "crafty" night out than "drinking with the girls" night out kind of person. But this is the photo from the class description:

How could you not want to do some of those crafts!?! Again, I am totally obsessed with some of the classes at The Sparkly Elephant, so inviting friends to tag along is a sign of true friendship. Like, "My weakness shall be your weakness!". Sharing is caring.

So the night before the class, amid a myriad of text conversations we chose the fabrics for our ornaments. Here is mine:

I had decided no to buy fabric for this project and instead use some from what was in my stash. I know, shocking, but I was up for the challenge.

I looked through lots of my Christmas fabric searching for the right centerpiece to be profiled, and while many we great choices, I didn't "feel" any of them. Then a rolled bundle of pink and green scraps fell off the shelf as I was searching through the scrap pile and when I opened it up it was these rose mini-panels. How awesome was that. I realized I didn't need to do a Christmas themed one, and had actually seen and Army and Astros (MLB) themed ones on the shop's Instagram and Facebook pages from the last class. From there, finding a pink and green to match we pretty easy. So I was ready for this epic Girl's Night Out ... or so I thought.

An hour or so before the class, one of OhEmG's boys started to feel sick (non-contagious) and she ended up having to stay home with him, but CraftWizLiz and I met up for the class determined to learn the technique and have a Girl's Night In and make some with OhEmG. Our teacher was Robin Foster and I did not ask if she had any sort of social media page. So here is my ornament at various steps.

First we centered our two middle pieces across from each other on a 3-inch Styrofoam ball. That was a little hard because my rose was so big, but I decided to focus on the big pink one and went from there.

The we took our 2.5-inch squares and folded them to make triangles and place at the NESW (North, East, South, West) parts of each center. The we added 4 more in between those four on each side of the ball. So that's 16 squares. We pinned as we went with small headed pins.

We them followed the same pattern with our second fabric color. At that point I felt like I couldn't feel my right pointer finger because CraftWizLiz and I were also working on OhEmG's so she could at least have one for her tree.

Once we got all of the fabric on the ornaments this is what they looked like:

Adorable right? The final step was adding a border around the center to cover all the pins and then adding a bow and ribbon to hang it. We left that part off of OhEmG's so she could do that step, but this is the photo of CraftWizLiz' finished ornament (photo by The Sparkly Elephant owner Andria):

And mine (which I finished at home because I had this ribbon on the shelf):

This would totally be great if I ever get that Pink Christmas Tree I used to dream about! If you want to see other ornaments made in the class or learn about other classes at the Sparkly Elephant visit their Facebook page.

Well, I'm going to look through my stash for more fabric and make kits for some more of these fun ornaments. Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!

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