Friday, January 4, 2019

New Year, New Goal, Old Projects

Hello Teacupers!! How is everyone enjoying 2019? I'm going to reserve final judgment until February 1, but so far, I'm loving it!

As you may have noticed, we had a short blog break over the holidays because we were spending time with family and friends and I assume many of you were doing the same, so you have not missed anything!! But while we're at it, may I say you are looking amazing since we last chatted last year! (Ha! Ha! My kiddo is already over my "last year" jokes.)

While the blog was quiet, Creative Life was as busy as ever! So let's have a cup of tea and catch up ...

Did you get anything fun for Christmas? My sweet husband surprised me with a Singer Serger. I'll admit, at first I had no idea what to do with it. I mean I've managed to stay away from them for most of my creative adult life because they are so intimating. And they just do the one thing, right!?!

I spent a few hours searching on what you could use  a serger for and started to feel better about wht i could use it to make. Within a few minutes of me opening it my husband mentioned making clothing, which is my least interest when it comes to sewing, but I may have to find some simple projects for him.

I did realize that i like ow it will give a more polished look to projects where you may see the edge of the fabric or seams, like simple tote bags or hemming Lil Monkey's pants.

Then came the unboxing. My husband was very helpful with that as he started before i had a place cleared in the studio.

Well, once I got over the initial shock of having to thread it (not as scary as it looked), I realized that I could use if for what drives me the most crazy in cross stitching and that is to stitched the edges to prevent fraying. I've been quite old school for a while, using painters tape to keep the edges from fraying, but it still happened occasionally. Once I discovered that, I started to sort through all my boxes still left to be unpacked from what felt like 100 military moves and sorting out cross stitch WIPs that had been packed and forgotten every time we moved.

So of course that led to me pulling out and organizing all of the cross stitch projects that had been started and not completed over the years. I have to admit, it was not as many as I thought it would be. For those who don't know, my husband spent nearly 14 years in the military. We moved 7 or  8 times and whenever we moved the movers would box up everything- usually not in a very organized manner. I usually had a project with me, but it could take a while to get housing assigned when you lived on base, so I would usually end up starting a new project in the hotel room or while we sat in an empty house waiting for household goods to be delivered.

I am also a person who crafts by "mood". So whatever mood I am in dictates what I would work on. I'm not very productive when not "inspired" so despite learning to cross stitch at age 5 and stitching whatever I had access to as a teen, when I became an adult I stitched according to my mood. It was kind of a leapfrog effect. I worked on holiday stuff leading up to the holiday,  but if it was not finished when that holiday arrived, it went into a box for the next year.

So once I pulled everything out and organized it, I was able to get most of it all in this bin!

I spent time and sergered all the edges of all the WIP after organizing them too.

There are a few of them that are actually 80% or more done. I guess they got lost in moves, so i am excited to get some of these finished this year. This Army Sea was the one that surprised me the most.

I picked this pattern up at an actually brick and mortar Needlework Shop (not quilting, exclusively XS and Embroidery) in Cary, NC when I was doing my summer internship in 2002. I started working on it as my first "big" project in 2004 after we got married. It's 22-ct, the first time I had done anything other than 14-count Aida ever. This was a start and stop project because during my husband's first deployments I was also doing some SALs and swaps.

Seriously, everything I thought about this the past few years and thought I had so much more to do. I hadn't looked at it, but thought there was at least 25-30% more left to do. I literally have that corner at 2 o'clock and backstitch words in the banner. What!?!

I'm really excited to see this done and framed!! My husband joked that it wouldn't be done until his retirement at 20 years, and he was almost right. It'll be 15 years. Yikes!

Well, I'm off to do some last minute adventures with the family before school starts again next week. I hope you guys have a great 2019 and let me know what WIPs and goals you have for this year and together we can encourage each other and reach new heights!!

Until next time, stay #CreativelyInspired!!

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